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HOME SWEET HOME, a new short horror film currently in the works

Still Provided By Films By Ashley

Home sweet home is a story that revolves around the main protagonist Emily, a girl with schizophrenia who comes to believe that her family’s home is trying to harm them…. Literally.

The whole point of the short film is just one big hallucination that becomes all to real for her unfortunately that not even her medication can help keep her mind at ease. Throughout the film however we will see people struggling to escape from the walls of the house, and voices coming from her telephone.

LIGHTING/CINEMATOGRAPHY The cinematography & lighting comes from the 1977 film Suspiria so expect to see some familiar lighting in some scenes. Not to mention both of them take place in a sinister home.

The inspiration for the story comes from a dream that Nicole had one night. “I was in this big house with multiple hallways and doors that led to different rooms filled with clutter, eventually it went dark and the house started to fall apart, it felt like it was trying to kill me.“

she goes on “And a few weeks to by and I’m thinking about making this into a short film, since I’ve never seen a home try to eat it’s owners (literally) besides monster house, but this isn’t a haunted house situation.”

“This is something more terrifying if you think about in reality.”

Poster Provided By Films By Ashley

Home sweet home is set to release soon, but until then sit back and relax and watch the behind the scenes! And be sure to tune in here for the full film.

Stay tuned.


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